Sponsorship keeps Hope School alive and running. Whether you sponsor us, or we sponsor you, we can’t do this without you!

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With Hope School, Mental Health Is A Two-Sided Coin

We sponsor those who need therapy but cannot afford it. Others, like you, sponsor us as we carry out this goal!

Let us sponsor you!

There is more than enough stress and struggle in the world, as I am sure we all have witnessed firsthand. But with the right help, there can be progress and there can even be joy through overcoming the struggle.

At Hope School Mental Health we do not want these pains and the mental health struggles to be faced alone. And for those whose only obsticle to finding the right support is money, Hope School is ready to help!

Since the start of the current global pandemic, it has made more sense then ever to seek out remote therapy and counseling through the internet. That is why Hope School Mental Health sponsors those who look for online counseling with the following online services.

Sponsor our mission!

As a non-profit organization that aims to make spiritual and mental health care widely, freely available to all, our mission is not possible in today’s society without sponsorship and without the amazing generosity and kindness of our supporters. 

Nobody is alone on this journey. But together, we can do this critical and noble work with grace and intention, in a way we can all be proud of!

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We help give financial support to anyone who recieves therapy from the following organizations and is approved through our thorough screening process.

Please visit these websites by clicking on their icons above. If one of them sounds like a fit for you, come back and fill out this form below to see if we can help you afford your counseling!

Need Support In Paying For Therapy? Contact Us and We Will See How We Can Help!

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Where will your money go?

At Hope School Mental Health we are absolutely transparent with our money, so that you can financially support us with confidence!

Our Monthly Budget:

  • Team member salaries: $9,400
  • Website maintanance: $10
  • Promotional Material: $20
  • Supporting Members’ therapy: $280 per member supported
  • Funds set aside for emergencies: $600

This comes to a total of $10,310 a month.


Have Any Questions About Sponsoring Hope School Mental Health?

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Can’t donate but still want to help?

Visit our “Volunteer” page to see if there is a way you can volunteer your services to help Hope School Mental Health keep running! It is because of dedicated volunteers like you that we are able to make our services free!

In short, these are the different volunteer positions you may choose from:

  • Business Attorney
  • Cook In Long Beach
  • Fundraising Team Member
  • Marketing Team Member
  • Nonprofit Business Accountant
  • Remote Christian Chaplain
  • Remote Christian Life Coach
  • Remote Christian Therapist
  • Remote Support Group Leader

Interested? Let us know! We will be happy to recieve your help!