Throughout his many trials and tribulations, John Lashbrook’s mother was ever at his side, cheering him on. “She never gave up on me,” says John. As mental health leaders, we will never give up on you.


Leadership without compassion is not leadership. Our leaders are compassionate by nature and by virtue of experience. No matter where you are in your struggle, there’s someone here who has been there before, who understands what you’re going through, and who knows a way forward.


Leadership without competence is not leadership – it’s chaos. Our leaders are trained and experienced, our chaplains are devoted, committed and certified.


In addition to therapists, experts and fellow mental health seekers and learners, we also offer the support and services of chaplains. We feel that spiritual guidance and spiritual solutions are uniquely needed in today’s stressful world – so we offer these tools to you in addition to secular options.


Our online community helps you connect with others like you, ask questions, hold discussions and find the support you need to continue boldly forward in your own personal mental health journey.

Chaplain Services

Our qualified, experienced chaplains are here to strengthen and develop your spiritual health. Whether you’re new to spirituality and just looking to explore, or whether you’re a devout man of faith like our founder, we hope our rich mixture of secular and spiritual services will provide you the best possible chance at success in your journey toward wellness. As a chaplain himself, our founder John Lashbrook has written over 41 devotionals and worked with religious organizations around the country. His experience has informed our belief that spiritual health is a rich and rewarding component of your overall mental health.

Faith-based focus

Genuine Christian values

Spiritual solutions

Certified chaplain authority

Gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate guidance

Certified Life Coach available

Call and text-based life coaching

Remote life coaching

Gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate care

Personal Life Coaching

The most important game you’ll ever play is life itself. You don’t have to go it alone. Give yourself the best coach possible, a qualified life coach who can help you plan your personal goals in detail and achieve a rich personal life of balance, fulfillment and peace.

Meet with our head life coach, Kenedy Lucas!

Group & Individual Meetings

While individual therapy is one of the most powerful and effective tools for healing, group meetings can be just as powerful and beneficial. A great example of this is the enduring popularity of the world-renowned group therapy organization Alcoholics Anonymous. That organization uses group meetings, with a focus on shared “experience, strength and hope,” to provide crucial mental health assistance to people from all walks of life, no matter their income or experience with therapy in general. We aim to provide this same level of inclusiveness to all those in need, and to provide a similar shared sense of belonging to everyone who joins us in our journey.

Inclusive and welcoming

On-topic and focused sessions

Gain a sense of belonging and togetherness

As always, group sessions are completely judgment-free

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Get sponsored for therapy

Talk and text-based therapy

Digital and online therapy services available

Regular, consistent therapy on a customizable schedule

Gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate care

Therapy Services

We’ve come a long way from the days when therapy was stigmatized or seen as something to be ashamed of. In the last few decades especially, society has come to accept therapy and even encourage it. Regular therapy with a qualified therapist is now widely regarded as a natural, normal and profoundly helpful way of managing mental health. Here at Hope School, we aim to provide financial support so you can meet with qualified therapists who can talk to you and work on your specific mental health issues at whatever space – and in whatever style – works best for you. 

Therapy can be especially helpful for people who have traumatic memories or specific painful incidents that interrupt their present day, moment-to-moment experience of daily life. It’s a powerful way of processing your past and working more effectively through your present – which, in turn, allows you to have a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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Our Work

To us, there is no important work on the planet than the work of maintaining a healthy mind and soul. We don’t just want to reduce suffering or ease pain – we want to actively make the world a better place. To do that, we need your help. Keeping up with mental health maintenance, finding spiritual solutions that work, and getting people on the path to a long and happy life of health and wellness is the reason we get out of bed in the morning – and the reason we hope you’ll join us. 

As we’ve mentioned before, nobody is alone on this journey. But together, we can do this critical and noble work with grace and intention, as we inform and shape our collective wisdom, and make the road to mental health and wellness as clear and compassionate as possible. 

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Let’s Build A Brighter Future Together

If you or someone you love are curious about the journey toward better mental health, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you’re suffering and want more from life, we understand and are here to help. It’s our goal to assist you in every way we can. All our contact info can be found to the left of this text – feel free to shoot us an email. Drop us a line any time and we’ll start the journey towards health and wellness together.